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Jeremy Lin: Are The Houston Rockets Now A One-Man Team?

Jeremy Lin was 'the big get' for the Houston Rockets over the offseason, snatching up the young Taiwanese point guard from the New York Knicks after a contract dispute forced him out of the Big Apple. He joined a Rockets team that has been in limbo for years since injury problems starting to haunt Yao Ming.

Lin has brought excitement to the Rockets, but is he the player that might have to carry the team through 2012/2013? Rockets blog The Dream Shake thinks that it might not be a one-man team with Lin carrying everyone else, but losing him would render the team unwatchable:

If you thought the Rockets had problems with stagnating offenses the last three seasons, the performance the Rockets would put on without Lin would cause you to throw your remote through your tv screen. Kevin McHale would be too busy drinking his sorrows away to draw up any plays and the team would fall flat on its face.

Until newly drafted Royce White starts to become ready for prime time in NBA action as a legitimate threat on the offense, Lin may remain the most important player for the Rockets' fortunes, at least offensively, for the entire 2012/2013 season.

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