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Towson vs. LSU: Fans dissatisfied with (relatively) narrow win

No. 3 LSU bested Towson without too much issue on Saturday, but they didn't blow them out of the water like most fans expected.

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No. 3 LSU moved to 5-0 on Saturday with a 38-22 win over Towson. Remaining undefeated is always good, but plenty of people were underwhelmed by the game, in which the Tigers actually trailed, 9-7, at one point. A team like LSU is supposed to blow a team like Towson out of the water, or so says the prevailing theory.

SB Nation's LSU Tigers blog, And The Valley Shook, subscribes to that theory, and in their postgame notes, they laid into the under-performing LSU team and its less-than stellar victory:

No, really. What was that? I know, I know. A win's a win and all that, but that was one of the least impressive performances LSU has turned out in a half decade. To call that uninspired is an insult to the mediocre among us.

Among the negatives initially cited was the play of Zach Mettenberger, who they said looked "absolutely lost." On top of that, they noted that Kent St. beat Towson by 20 points, and the Tigers' relatively narrow lead led J.C. Copeland to remain in the game in the fourth quarter, which led to him getting injured. There's also a bit about a Lady Gaga song but that's mostly unrelated to what actually happened on the field.

There were a few positives, such as LSU's supremacy in the punting battle and Odell Beckham having a strong outing. Beckham caught five passes for 128 yards and a pair of touchdowns on the day.

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