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College Football Rankings: LSU Stays Put In AP Poll

The LSU Tigers are still No. 3 in the AP poll after a 41-14 victory over North Texas.

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While the LSU Tigers looked strong in a 41-14 victory over North Texas in their opener on Saturday, the top-ranked USC Trojans and Alabama Crimson Tide also performed well. A dominating performance over the Michigan Wolverines allowed Alabama to take over the top spot, but USC fell only to the No. 2 spot in the rankings, keeping LSU at No. 3.

The Tigers earned four first-place votes, but will have an opportunity to sway more voters when they face a tougher test in the Washington Huskies. While the Huskies didn't earn a spot in the Top 25, they earned 15 votes after a 21-12 win over San Diego State.

Also earning votes in the poll were the SEC's newest member, the Texas A&M Aggies, although they didn't play in the opening weekend due to Hurricane Isaac causing their scheduled opener to be postponed until October.

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