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Texans Vs. Dolphins: How Miami Could Score An Opening Upset

There's no greater cliche in pro football than "Any Given Sunday" (there's also no greater movie), but it's something the Houston Texans will have to keep in mind when they host a Miami Dolphins team they are heavily favored to beat on Sunday.

Over at Battle Red Blog, they dreamed up a plausible scenario for a Dolphins upset:

The Dolphins could give Houston's front-seven a heavy dose of Bush, Jorvorskie Lane, and Daniel Thomas to see if the Texans' run defense is magically fixed by the returns of defensive end J.J. Watt and nose tackle Shaun Cody. If it is not, the Dolphins could eat up game clock and prevent the Texans from getting into an offensive rhythm. Furthermore, the Texans' offense could be stalled as right tackle Derek Newton struggles in his first outing as a NFL starter in pass protection and run blocking.

Even if you don't think that's all that plausible, the big key is that an NFL game is only 60 minutes long. One fluke play -- an interception, a punt return, an untimely fumble -- can be the difference between a win and a loss, regardless of the team's talent level.

For more on the Houston Texans, head over to Battle Red Blog. More news and analysis on the NFL as the regular season begins can be found over at SB Nation's NFL hub and SB Nation's YouTube channel.

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