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AFC Championship 2013 schedule: Ravens vs. Patriots at Gillette Stadium

This past weekend determined the two conference title games. In the AFC Championship match, the New England Patriots will host the Baltimore Ravens at Gillette Stadium.

Al Bello

Following this past weekend's electric divisional round of postseason games, the two conference title games have been determined. The AFC Championship game will once again come down to the New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens.

Tom Brady was able to lead his unit to another 40-plus-point win over the Texans, putting them in contention for a Super Bowl once again. The Ravens, on the other hand, have been fighting for survival in this year's postseason tournament.

After a remarkable win over the Peyton Manning-led Broncos, Ray Lewis will lead his Ravens to Foxboro, hoping for one more taste of Super Bowl glory before he retires. The setting couldn't be more appropriate for Lewis, having to go through Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning and now Tom Brady.

This will be the ultimate test for both teams, as they constantly appear to be getting in each other's way. But it's the postseason that counts, and it has been the Ravens who have gotten the short end of the deal in the past. This game will kickoff at Gillette Stadium at 6:30 p.m. ET.

It will be the second game of the day, following the 49ers-Falcons, and will be nationally broadcast on CBS.

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