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Super Bowl 47 commercials: Go Daddy going a different route this year

After years of provocative Super Bowl commercials, Go Daddy took a different approach to their Super Bowl ad this year.

Christian Petersen

Go Daddy is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials, but while the company usually relies on scantily clad women in provocative situations to turn heads, they took a different approach this year.

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Danica Patrick has starred in a number of Go Daddy commercials and she is back again this year, albeit only for a brief cameo at the end. Instead of having Patrick and other women star, Go Daddy's 2013 Super Bowl commercial features couples from around the world having the same argument.

In each case the presumed wife is asking her husband why he hasn't put his big idea on the Internet yet. Each husband counters that there is no rush because no one else could have possibly thought of the same idea. As it turns out, someone did put the idea online and now he is reaping the benefits which include a private jet, champagne and Danica Patrick as a pilot.

YourBigIdea.CO - Official Go Daddy Commercial (via godaddy)

The recent trend of Super Bowl commercials seems to be to have something that will be memorable enough for people to be talking about at work on Monday. Could "more everything, sky waitress!" be this year's memorable quote?

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