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Super Bowl recipes 2013: Variety of dip choices for Texans fans

Just because the Texans aren't in the Super Bowl doesn't mean you can't enjoy some delicious recipes at your party, right?

Christian Petersen

Nothing will taste quite as tasty on Super Bowl Sunday for Houston Texans fans this year. After coming so close and being so dominant for a time in the regular season, Houston's season left a bad taste in the fans' mouths.

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But that doesn't mean fans can't enjoy some of their favorite recipes. The Houston Chronicle has posted a number of recipes for the big game on its blog.

Among the best recipes is a series of dips to take your Super Bowl snacking to the next level. Be sure to check out their spinach artichoke, guacamole and hummus recipes, as all have gotten plenty of positive feedback.

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If you're interested in some recipes that will ruin your appetite or give you a laugh, check out SB Nation's Spilly, as he gives us a recipe for a nasty looking pie.

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