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NFL Mock Draft: Texans expected to get wide receiver help

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SB Nation's latest mock draft has the Texans taking wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson out of Tennessee.

Kevin C. Cox

The Houston Texans hold the 27th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and some people expect them to upgrade the receiver position.

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SB Nation's Matthew Fairburn released his latest mock draft on Monday. In it, he projects the Texans to select Tennessee wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson:

The 2013 NFL Draft class is strong at wide receiver, particularly in the first two rounds. The way this mock draft is playing out, a wide receiver run at the bottom of the first round makes a lot of sense. Cordarrelle Patterson would provide the Texans' passing game with a much needed spark across from Andre Johnson.

Fairburn brings up an interesting point. There's a lot of talent at WR this year, but it's hard to see any of them going in the top 15 to teams with much more pressing issues. At this stage in the game, the mock projections are going to be all over the map, so don't put Patterson on Houston's 2013 roster yet. There's plenty of time for the Texans to weigh their options.

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