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Houston Astros Sunday Roundup: Three Weeks Till The 2012 Draft

The 2012 draft is fast approaching and the Astros have a big choice to make with their first pick.

Houston Astros Sunday Roundup: In Brad Mills We Trust

Looking at the Astros solid start, and the effect manager Brad Mills has had on it.

Houston Astros Sunday Roundup: Obsessing Over Pythagoras

Looking at an overemphasis on the Astros Pythagorean win-loss reocrd

Astros Sunday Roundup: Does Batting Altuve Eighth Make Sense?

Your own Pocket Jesus, someone to hear your prayers, someone who cares.

Astros Sunday Roundup: Jordan Schafer, A Star Is Burns

Jordan Schafer and J.D. Martinez are two Astros who have had a scorching first week.

Astros Monday Roundup: Jeff Luhnow snags Justin Maxwell

Justin Maxwell joins the all-spare-boot team currently masquerading as the Houston Astros.

Astros Sunday Roundup: Glass Half Full For Young Talent

There's a lot of young talent on the Astros roster that yet to exhibit star quality.

Astros Sunday Roundup: I'm Ready For Opening Day, How About You?

The long slow crawl to respectability for the Astros has begun this spring.

Astros Sunday Roundup: Spring Rotational Battles

Jordan Schafer has had an up and down offseason, hopefully the 2012 season will provide some redemption.

Astros Sunday Roundup: Q Who? The Catching Situation

Who will break camp as the Astros two catchers? Snyder, Quintero or Castro?

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