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Kevin Jeffers is a newsroom contributor for SB Nation. He is an avid reader, writer, Atlanta sports fan (RIP Thrashers), Hyrule savior, indie music fan, Matt Ryan apologist, Simpsons quoter, Apple snob and Jason Heyward altar worshiper. He also grew up in Alabama while somehow never uttering the phrases Roll Tide or War Eagle with sincerity.

Texans no longer top power rankings

The Houston Texans are no longer at the top of the latest SB Nation NFL power rankings following their blowout loss Monday night.

Texans at least suffer no major injuries Monday

The Houston Texans didn't appear to add to a lengthy injury report in Monday night's embarrassing loss to the Patriots.

Texans top Power Rankings

The Houston Texans are No. 1 yet again in the SB Nation NFL power rankings.

Rockets tied for 8th in West

The Houston Rockets are tied for 8th in the West, though a 1-7 mark against the conference is doing them no favors.

Rockets' 3-game winning streak snapped

The Houston Rockets are 7-8 after their three-game winning streak was snapped Wednesday by the Thunder.

Texans still on top of Power Rankings

The Houston Texans are still No. 1 in the NFL Power Rankings.

Texans get holiday spotlight

The Texans are in Detroit to play the Lions in their traditional Thanksgiving Day game.

Texans top Power Rankings

The Houston Texans sit atop the SB Nation Power Rankings after another win.

Rockets fall to No. 17 in Power Rankings

The Houston Rockets are No. 17 in the latest SB Nation NBA Power Rankings.

Rockets' 4-4 mark tied for 7th in West

The Rockets are tied for seventh place in the West with a 4-4 record.

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