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David Piland out with concussion

Houston quarterback David Piland is being tested for a concussion.

Houston vs. SMU score: SMU 28 Houston 14 at half

SMU scored two touchdowns in the final two minutes of the second quarter to take 28-14 lead over Houston at the half.

SMU 14, Houston 7 after first quarter

Houston is attempting to stay undefeated in conference play but find themselves down 14-7 to SMU after one quarter.

LSU ranks 4th, Texas rises to 10th in BlogPoll

Texas climbed two spots in the BlogPoll to No. 10 after a road win against Oklahoma State, while LSU remains fourth after a win over Towson.

LSU defeats Towson 36-22

LSU may have been looking ahead to Florida, as they didn't bring their A game in a surprisingly close win over Towson.

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