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Former 'Bailer' Victim Sara Saco-Vertiz Arrested For Being A Dallas Cowboys Fan

Before we start, let us first remind ourselves why we care about Sara Saco-Vertiz:

1. She is the now-ex-girlfriend of the infamous Bo the Bailer, who "bailed" on her as a foul ball approached the couple's seats at an Astros game. The ball proceeded to smack Vertiz on the arm. We all laughed. And we thought that was the end of it.

2. The couple gets interviewed on CBS News, because that's what professional news organizations do.

3. Vertiz decides to get back at The Bailer by posting risque photos of herself online before he could get the chance to do the same. That worked, I guess.

Now, for the juicy part: Vertiz is back in the news. On account of her being arrested. Yes, we still care about this girl, I think?

Take it away, Orlando Sentinel.

An arrest report alleges the 19-year-old Texan, who lives in South Florida, lied to police about her name, residence and age after an officer caught her drinking wine Saturday at the popular night spot. The drinking age is 21.

The officer tested her by asking if she was a fan of the Buffalo Sabres hockey team. She replied that she prefers the Dallas Cowboys - a football team.

Whoops, guess there aren't any Cowboys fans in Buffalo. Smarty-smart folks, those cops. It's not as if the Cowboys are America's team or anything, and you KNOW that if you live in Buffalo, you've got to be diehard Sabres fan, even if you play for the Bills. I do have to admit, though, that I am absolutely giddy that a person got arrested for telling a policeman that she likes the Dallas Cowboys. That's hilarious.

Vertiz just can't catch a break. If only she hadn't gotten hit by that damn foul ball, then none of this would even matter to us. Consider this the all-time low for a human interest story, although I'm quite sure that a certain someone cares about this more than the average reader.

Somewhere, Bo The Bailer is laughing hysterically.

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