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Lance Berkman Won't Be Back With Astros

My FOX Houston's Marc Berman broke the news last night that the Astros front office informed long-time franchise star Lance Berkman, who they traded to the Yankees last July, will not be pursued by the team this offseason.

Berkman's agent, Mike Moye, called the Astros Friday to ask about their interest in his client.

"I heard from Mike Moye and he inquired about whether we had interest in bringing Lance back and I was candid with him and told him it didn't fit for us," Wade said. "As much as we love and respect Lance and what he's done for our organization, We had these internal conversations in July when we made the decision to go ahead and move him.

"Lance had said he'd be open to a trade at that point in time and realistically evaluating where we thought we were going to be going into 2011 we didn't think there was going to be a fit there with regard to picking his option up. We had that internal conversation then and moved forward and made the trade.

It's certainly logical that the Astros wouldn't want to pay Berkman what he was worth on the open market while they are busy rebuilding. Still, It's going to be pretty sad not hearing his name in the lineup next season though, and I hope he signs somewhere where Astros fans can at least give him the applause he deserves as a visitor. 

Brett Wallace has to be pleased by this news. At least until he has to sit on the bench far too often next season so that Carlos Lee can play somewhere.

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