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Report: Astros May Make Run At Cliff Lee's Jon Heyman tweets that the Astros may "make [a] run" at revered ace Cliff Lee this offseason.

Such a move would be incredibly silly for the Astros in this editor's opinion. First of all, the team isn't good enough to compete even with Cliff Lee. Secondly, the Astros problems weren't in the runs allowed column so much as the runs scored column. Thirdly, didn't we just spend a whole season talking about starting the rebuilding process? Teams that do that typically don't go out and sign the best free agent pitcher they can. Additionally, Jon Heyman isn't exactly the sort of updstanding person that I would trust every rumor from. 

Nevertheless, the buzz is out there. Would the Astros really contemplate such a move? Should they contemplate such a move? Discuss with your fellow Astros fans at The Crawfish Boxes.

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