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Climactic Poll Decides To Name Sugar Land Baseball Team The Skeeters

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The city of Sugar Land, a Houston suburb, has been working on a plan to draw a minor league team to the town. With the Round Rock Express being taken over by the Rangers, the Astros had to move their affiliate in AAA to Oklahoma City, which is obviously not a long-term solution by any stretch of the imagination. There are some thoughts that one day, this Sugar Land franchise could take over that role for the Astros.

Well, yesterday, they announced their team name. The Skeeters. Now, based on the mosquito logo, I'm sure they think that the name of their franchise is related to a proud tradition of minor league teams that involve insects. The Savannah Sand Gnats, the Salt Lake City Bees, and so forth.

Except that uh, a Skeeter also has a connotation that the suburban folks probably weren't counting on. To let urbandictionary take it away:

skeet 4192 up, 844 down
To pull out of a woman and ejaculate on her.
Just like skeet shooting. PULL! and then you shoot.

Keep this second definition in mind, then follow me to the jump for some quotes that sound much worse, in retrospect.

"We are tenacious, we are synonymous with summer, we are a new species of fun - we are the Sugar Land Skeeters!" O'Brien announced as a curtain was pulled back to reveal the team name.

I uh, I think that species of fun has actually been around for awhile. Millenia, even.

"We think the name is fun, it has lots of possibilities, it's a name that can represent the region," O'Brien said. "The history of the name is everything from today going forward. When you say Skeeters, we want you to think affordable family fun and minor league baseball."

Well, Houston was named the major city that is having the most sex in the country. I uh, I don't think minor league baseball is quite ready to take the forefront in our minds when we think about Skeeters, gentlemen.

When we asked some Fort Bend ISD students what they thought about the name,and Fahad Nabi replied, "Sting 'em hard!"

"It's a cool name," said Brian Holton.

ABC didn't report whether or not these kids said this between gasps of air, from all the laughing.

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