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Matt Lindstrom Traded To Rockies

Thomas Harding of is reporting that the Rockies and Astros have agreed to a trade that will send reliever Matt Lindstrom to the Rockies.

No word yet on who the Astros have acquired in exchange for Lindstrom, we will edit that information in as it becomes available. Felipe Paulino time? Or will the Astros acquire actual prospects? It has been quite an inflated market for relievers, with several of them signing three year deals this offseason. It's not entirely farfetched that the Astros could come away with someone of actual value to their rebuilding process.

EDIT: According to both FOX26's Mark Berman and Joseph Duarte of the Houston Chronicle, left-hander Wes Musick is one of the players the Astros will acquire. There will be another player in the trade that the clubs have not agreed on yet. 

EDIT 2: The second player in the trade, per Astros social media guru Alyson Footer, is right-handed pitcher Jonnathan Aristil, 24, made it to AAA Colorado Springs last year, but has a thoroughly unimpressive resume as a pitcher to this point. He walks too many batters and gives up too many hits, that said, he's just 24, and should be ready for either AA or AAA ball for the Astros this year.

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