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Farm System Rankings Based On Expected Value Has Astros Dead Last

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Most of you, if you care anything about minor league baseball, are well-aware of John Sickels and how well-regarded his prospect rankings are. The Astros' farm system still didn't look good, though it was characterized as 'improving' by Sickels. We now have some empirical proof of that thanks to a fanpost on Minor League Ball that compiled Sickels' rankings with Victor Wang's valuations of prospects, along with a few adjustments.

Your Houston Astros? They're dead last. Behind even the Brewers, who traded away most of their best prospects before the season for Zach Greinke and Shaun Marcum.


But it's okay, they can continue giving away farm system chips for players like Sergio Escalona. That's totally a part of the rebuilding process. 


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