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MLB Draft Won't Change Majorly In New CBA

It didn't generate big shock waves, but at the end of last week, Baseball America's Jim Callis tweeted that the MLB draft will not have major changes under the new collective bargaining agreement.


What does that mean? Probably no international draft, no hard slotting system and no draft pick trading. All of those were possibilities, but would also change things drastically. That means none of them are getting done, including a hard slotting system, which I had assumed would be a lock for collective bargaining.


That just shows that Bud Selig feels he can continue to bully enough owners into accepting his weird system without having to collectively bargain things. It also means that Houston will face a huge cost for the No. 1 overall pick next spring. Let's hope that Jim Crane ponies up the dough to sign the best possible player instead of going for a signability pick, since Bryan Bullington and Matt Bush just called to say how bad an idea signability can be.


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