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MLB Realignment: Jim Crane Wants $50 Million Discount To Move Astros To The American League

The potential sale of the Houston Astros to Jim Crane has hit a snag, because commissioner Bud Selig wants to move the Astros to the American League. However, Crane in exchange for a move to the American League wants a $50 million reduction of the $680 million price tag:

Sources told The Post that Crane -- who reached a deal in May to buy the Astros from Drayton McLane for $680 million -- is asking for a price reduction in the $50 million range to make the move.On that front, the two sides are in the "ballpark" on the price, although a deal is far from certain, sources said.

Crane argues the move to the AL would hurt the value of the franchise because the Astros would be playing more late-night games against West Coast teams.

Even if the price drops from $680 million to $630 million the amount would be the second most expensive sale of a MLB behind the Chicago Cubs who were sold for $845 million back in 2009.

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