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Jordan Schafer Arrested For Marijuana Possession

Houston Astros centerfielder Jordan Schafer was arrested In Tampa Bay last night with a felony amount of marijuana in his car.

Houston Astros outfielder Jordan Schafer was arrested in Tampa Bay last night for felony possession of marijuana.

According to police, Schafer, a Tampa native, parked his car next to an unmarked police vehicle outside of a Cheesecake Factory early Tuesday morning. The front windows of his 2008 Range Rover were down, and "a strong odor of marijuana" was coming from the vehicle.

The car had an expired Mississippi license plate, and when the cops pulled him over, Schafer had a joint in his hand. When they searched his car, they found 25.9 grams of marijuana in a clear plastic bag (20 grams is the felony cut-off in Florida) as well as three marijuana peanut butter cups.

According to Schafer's Twitter feed, he started his night tailgating for the Buccaneers Monday Night Football game against Indianapolis:

 Jordan Schafer 
Tailgating for monday night football.....i need Freeman to do work tonight for my fantasy team

What better way to celebrate your team's victory than getting high and enjoying The Cheesecake Factory?

Schafer came over from the Atlanta Braves in a mid-season deal that sent Michael Bourn to Atlanta. In 30 games for the Astros, the CF hit .245/.314/.311.

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