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Houston Astros Headed To American League By 2013, Says Report

According to baseball writer Jon Heyman, prospective owner Jim Crane has agreed to relocate the Houston Astros to the American League in 2013. For agreeing to the move, Heyman also reports that Crane will receive about $50 million dollar discount for agreeing to the move.

Prospective astros owner Jim crane has agreed to go to AL in 2013. He gets about $50M discount to go. He still needs vote of owners

If the move is successful, then the Astros would likely join the AL West where they would begin an in-state rivalry with the Texas Rangers. The move would also balance the number of teams in each league and likely pave the way to adding two more wildcard entries into the playoffs. The Rangers have supported the move but Crane still needs a vote of the rest of the other MLB owners.

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