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Yoenis Cespedes, Aspiring Free Agent, YouTube All-Star

This has been my favorite story to come out this offseason. Two different articles describe the excellent scouting video made for Cuban defector and center fielder Yoenis Cespedes. The video has since been pulled down, I'd guess since it caught on with more than just the 200 scouts it was intended for.


And, boy, does it sound epic. Just read Kevin Goldstein's breakdown of the whole video or Jeff Passan's take. Both are brilliantly funny while still being in some awe of Cespedes' skills. I really wish the video hadn't been pulled down, because it needs to be seen to be believed.


Cespedes is 26 years old and shows the same skill set of a Mike Trout. He'll earn a nice chunk of change on the market and the frontrunners appear to be the New York Yankees (of course) and the Florida Marlins. I wouldn't rule out other teams, though I doubt the Astros will get involved. Still, wouldn't it be cool if they did sign this guy? If his scouting video is this great, just imagine what the full Cespedes Experience will be like.


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.