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Lance Berkman Labels Potential Astros Move To AL A "Travesty"

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Why aren't more ex-Astros coming out and commenting on the possible AL switch?

Everyone in Houston by now is fed up of talking about the impending ownership switch and the hangups the sale has encountered. We would all love to have Jim Crane already confirmed as the new owner, possibly bringing in his new people, setting out his stall for the next few years, and talking about why he is not going after free agents and who he might move in blockbuster deals.

Instead we are stuck watching the month of November crawl on, with the possibility of a league switch and a $50m cheque for the privilege. For once it is nice to see this monotiny broken by someone saying they disagree with the league switch and think it would be a bad idea.

Cue Lance Berkman, who said during a TriStar press conference to launch a memorabilia line that such a move would be a "tragedy".

Zachary Levine of the Houston Chronicle detailed Berkman's comments:

"It's a shame, I think, that Bud Selig is probably going to make that be sort of a condition of the sale. I don't like it. Even when I retire and live here in Houston, I don't want to go watch American League baseball. I'd like to have a National League team."

Meanwhile we creep ever closer to the MLB owners meeting next week in Milwaukee on 17 November. Circle it in your diary.

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