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Bud Norris Tweaks Hamstring, Will Miss A Few Days

Starting pitcher Bud Norris left Monday’s game against the Nationals with a mild hamstring strain. According to Brian McTaggart of, the Astros will probably give him a few days of rest before they let him get back to the field. Given how finnicky hamstring injuries can be, they might be better off giving him even more time. From McTaggart:

“I overextended a little bit and I felt a little tweak in my right hammy,” Norris said. “I’ve never really had that before in my career. I’m not really worried about it. It’s just a slight one. [Trainer] Nate [Lucero] did some tests on me and it’s going to be fine. We’re just going to see how it goes the next couple of days and take care of it.”

It’s pretty lucky for the Astros that this happened so early in camp, as Norris will have a few weeks to fully recover before the season starts. Hamstrings do tend to flare up from time-to-time after the initial pull, and the Astros definitely don’t want to risk pushing the young right-hander before he’s ready. As long as Norris doesn’t overexert the hamstring again, he shouldn’t miss any time in the regular season.

Norris had worked two innings, giving up two hits, two runs, and striking out four before departing.

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