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Astros Sale To Jim Crane Will Likely Be Wrapped Up Next Week

Zachary Levine and Richard Justice of The Houston Chronicle have dug around and the school of thought seems to be that the Astros sale will be officially wrapped up sometime next week.

McLane has been vague in his dealings when reached for comment, only saying that nothing would happen this week. However, more details of the deal are coming into the light. Crane’s group will have about eight or ten investors total, they will get a big share of the new regional sports network that the Astros are teaming up with the Rockets to create, and also will be liable for the lease payments on Minute Maid Park.

One underlooked aspect of the sale is the reported $680 million price that McLane will fetch. That’s more than the Rangers were sold for, and they’re a better team in a bigger market. That regional sports network contract must be a real doozy for Crane and company to pony up so much money for the Astros.

Here’s hoping he still has enough left over to bring some actual improvement to the ballclub, which as of this writing is the worst team in baseball by win percentage.

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