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McLane Admits There Is Deal In Place To Sell Astros To Jim Crane

Houston Astros owner (for the moment) Drayton McLane was present for a charity event at Minute Maid Park today. Guess what else he’s giving away? Well, I don’t think you can classify $680 million as a giveaway, but he confirmed that there is a deal in place to sell the Astros to Jim Crane. FOX 26’s Mark Berman had the scoop:

“We have an understanding and Jim’s an honorable person and I am too,” McLane said.

“We have an overall agreement, but things come up. “Lawyers draw up complicated contracts. So we got to get all those portions of it done.”

McLane believes the two sides could announce an agreement to begin the transfer of ownership to Crane by next week.

This, of course, falls into line with everything that has been coming out of the news about the Astros sale this week. But now you have it on the best authority you can: Jim Crane will be the next owner of the Houston Astros.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.