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Crane: Owning Astros A 'Dream Come True'

Astros-owner-to-be Jim Crane took to the podium today in an organized news conference that announced that he would acquire the team from Drayton McLane. While Crane didn’t have a whole lot of specifics to give out, seeing as how he doesn’t own the team yet, he quickly set to distance himself from the McLane administration.

“This is a dream come true for me and my partners. Owning the Houston Astros in my home town and being in business with people I like and respect is all I could ever wish for. I love baseball. We look forward to doing a great job for the city of Houston and the Astros fans.”

“I don’t think anybody in the room is happy where we’re at,” Crane said of the status of the franchise. “We want to work with what’s here and make good decisions.”

Crane also spoke about the direction of the franchise’s ownership, specifically about how his philosophy is to hire good baseball people, hold them accountable,and stay out of their way. Sounds a lot like Bob McNair to me. Lets hope he doesn’t treat free agency like something that should be totally avoided.

Obviously, a lot more to come on this story as things unfold. MLB will need to call a special session to approve Crane before any actual changes can take place. But the papers are signed and delivered. Change is finally coming to Houston, and that almost has to be a positive considering where the Astros are right now.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.