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Astros' Fan That Got On And Off Of The Field Made It Outside

Jon Bois' hero has a name. The Astros fan who jumped on the field during the game, then climbed over the center field wall, up the bleachers, and over the camera wall in left-center field, is none other than Kevin Crabtree. Not only did Crabtree run on the field for his 27th birthday, he also did it on the bet that he could make it off the field.

Crabtree was celebrating his 27th birthday when he made a bet, stating he would run on the field during the game and not get caught by police, a Houston Police Department spokeswoman said. When he ran on the field, he ignored officers ordering him to stop.

ESPN New York's Adam Rubin reported that Crabtree made it all the way out of the stadium before he was caught.

Now it was impressive enough that Crabtree was able to do what he did on the field--the fact that he called his shot takes it to a whole new level. I like to imagine that he did this drunk, as most birthday bets would be at this point, which would probably make him deserving of a statue outside of the field. After all, he did the impossible: making people tune in for 10 seconds of 2011 Astros baseball.

Oh, and yeah, we're definitely posting that video again behind the cut.

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