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Baseball Prospectus Snags Another Astros Podcast Guest

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Last week they got Astros beat writer Zachary Levine to talk about the team with them, and this week Baseball Prospectus talked to second base prospect Jose Altuve. The subject matter, as you might guess, relates to Altuve's height more than anything. Teams wouldn't take a player of his stature seriously no matter how well he played, at least until the Astros came around. He says that he's a legit 5'6, for what it's worth.


The Astros have Altuve working on his double play turns "really hard," and hasn't heard anything about a potential call-up. Also, he mumbles a lot. But that's only natural as a Venezuelan still trying to completely pick up life in the states.


Oh and Altuve is hitting .386/.424/.554, impressive numbers even in the hitter's paradise that is Lancaster. So someone up top might want to talk to him about that possible promotion to Corpus Christi, because he's clearly earned it at this point.


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