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Avert Your Eyes As We Look At Some 2011 Astros Bullpen Stats

The Astros are arguably the worst team in baseball. I say arguably only because the Minnesota Twins won't cooperate. One of the many Pillars of Horror is the bullpen. Welcome to this week's episode of SBN Houston: When Statistics Attack!

Bullpen ERA: 27th of 30
Blown Saves: 30th
Batting Avg. Against: 29th
Strikeouts: 25th
Slugging Pct. Against: 27th
On Base Pct. Against: 28th

...and so on. Yikes. That is awful, yet somehow I was surprised that the Astros weren't in the bottom three in every category. For some perspective, here's an alarming statistic. The Astros' bullpen has given up 20 home runs, which doesn't put them at the bottom, but has them in the bottom-third of the league. Last place? The Baltimore Orioles' bullpen, who has given up an astounding 31 home runs. Thirty-one! TWELVE more home runs than the Rockies (19 homers given up, good for 29th), who are just one spot above them in that statistic!

But back to our own distasteful tale. Sadly, the starting pitching isn't any better for Houston. While the bullpen has a 4.84 ERA, the Houston starters have a 4.83 ERA through 46 games. Houston's starters, just as their relievers, are 29th in opponent's batting average. .286 for the 'pen, and .280 for the starters.

I could go on, but do you really hate yourself that much, Astros fans? Next week, how about an examination of the Houston offense? No?

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.