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Selig Expected To Give Support To Crane As New Astros Owner

According to Richard Justice at The Houston Chronicle, Jim Crane met with Bud Selig on Monday. I’m assuming Selig gave a soliloquy along the lines of “if you act like Fred Wilpon or Frank McCourt, I will murder you,” to which Crane nodded. Justice reports that Selig is expected to give his blessing to Crane’s purchase of the Astros.

Selig met Crane for just the second time Monday and is expected to support his $680 million purchase of the Astros. Selig already knew plenty about Crane before their meeting and never would have allowed the sale of the Astros to get this far if he weren’t comfortable with him.

I’ve known Selig for almost 30 years, and if he thought there was an ounce of racism or sexism in Crane’s bones, he never would allow him to own a major league baseball team.

It’s pretty obvious that the sale would never have gotten this far if Crane and Selig didn’t see eye-to-eye, so this is more of an affirmation of that than an actual update. New ownership is coming to the Astros. Look for the discrimination charges Crane’s company faced to continue to be a background piece when the official vote comes up, but not really anything that can stop the sale from taking place.

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