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Astros Activate Jeff Keppinger From DL, Send Down Bogusevic

Turns out the infielder that was supposed to get sent down for Jeff Keppinger was an outfielder. The Astros made a rather unorthodox move, activating Keppinger from the DL but sending down outfielder Brian Bogusevic rather than infielder Matt Downs. The Astros will now have five middle infielders on the roster, but just four outfielders.

“Everybody knows our three [starting] outfielders are going to play,” said manager Brad Mills. “You don’t take those guys out. [Matt] Downs has played some outfield, Billy Hall has played some outfield. It’s not like we’re naked out there, and we have [Jason] Michaels as well.”

Yeah, you don’t want to lose an impact bat like Carlos Lee.

Seriously though, the Astros will have Jason Michaels backing up all three outfield spots. It’s not that bad of a move all things considered, because Hall has some experience in the outfield, but it does make the roster construction rather awkward.

I would reason that the Astros will be looking to deal one of them as soon as they can. Then again, I’ve said that about Brett Myers before and that didn’t happen.

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