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Brad Mills Leans Somewhat Traditional According To Junk Stat

Beyond the Boxscore introduced a new metric for managers over the holiday weekend: TMI.

No, it's not a weighing of the collective urine samples of individual managers, like the name would suggest. Instead, it's the "Traditonal Manager Index." As measured by intentional walks and sacrifice bunts with non-position players, the stat aims to see which managers do the most traditionally manager-esque things. Astros manager Brad Mills came in eleventh on the list, based mainly on the number of intentional walks.


He doesn't sacrifice bunt too often with the position players, which actually should be weighed down even more (in theory) given how bad the Astros offense has been. It's clear he's not much for sacrifice bunting with the position players. Then again, they did label this as a "junk stat" so it's hard to do much more than let it infiltrate your brain and see what it comes up with. I certainly wouldn't take it too seriously, anyway.


That said, what do you think? How traditional is Brad Mills?


Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.