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Recently Released Bill Hall Drawing Interest From Orioles, Nationals

With a hat tip to Ken Rosenthal, it appears that ex-Astro Bill Hall, who recently cleared waivers and was released, has found plenty of suitors already:

The Orioles and Nationals are among the clubs pursuing Hall, major-league sources say. The Yankees, a team that liked Hall last off-season, might consider him as well.

Hall, 31, thrived in a utility role with the Red Sox last season, but batted only .224/.272/.340 with the Astros after signing a one-year, $3 million free-agent contract.

Hall’s versatility and power should continue to get him job offers, so this is not really surprising news. Hall may not have hit well with the Astros, but it was just two months. It’ll take more than that to wash away everyone’s memories of him with the Red Sox last year.

Which just makes it all the more perplexing that Wade didn’t try to hold onto him and give him four starts a week in advance of the trade deadline, but given how he handled the Brett Myers and Roy Oswalt situations last summer, it’s clear that his flaws as a general manager don’t stop at handing second basemen more money than they are worth.

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