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Ed Wade Calls Out Astros For 'Lack Of Consistency'

Astros General Manager Ed Wade, the architect of a team that has sputtered and is now finally reaching rock bottom, has called out his motley crew for their lack of consistency. I guess that's nicer than calling them out for lacking talent, but then that would seem to implicate that he's bad at his job, wouldn't it? Here's the quote:


"I think we talk a lot about our lack of consistency, and obviously, we're paying the price to some extent because of our inexperience, but we're giving some guys some great opportunities here, and with opportunity comes responsibility and accountability," Wade said in an interview with "At some point in time, we need to show greater consistency."


I agree, we do need to see some greater consistency with the Astros at the major league level. 
-A consistent plan to not sign over-the-hill mediocrities like Darin Erstad and Jason Michaels
-A consistent plan to not spend actual dollars on second base solutions that don't work out.
-A consistent plan for ridding the club of players that are a problem. You know, not just Bill Hall. But also a certain "left fielder" who is barely replacement level at this point.
-A consistent plan for acquiring underutilized talent that could use an MLB chance rather than praying the pieces will all fit together in a hurry.
-A consistent plan when it comes to trading away players that have value. Namely, getting the best return they can get for them, rather than signing them to extensions during the best year of their career.


Do you know anyone who can help with that, Ed? 

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