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MLB Realignment: Drayton McLane Does Not Want Astros In American League

The Astros haven’t been sold yet, so while he doesn’t have much power left in the franchise, Drayton McLane is using the last few minutes of fame he has to let you know that he wants no part of the Astros moving to the American League.

"I’ve always been a National League guy," McLane told me Monday morning. "I think our fans are National League fans."

Drayton said when he toured Minute Maid Park on Sunday, "it was all anyone wanted to talk about."

And they weren’t supportive of a move?

"Absolutely not," he said.

I think there’s something to be said for the idea that Astros fans oppose the move just based on tradition alone rather than the merits of the switch. Of course, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why Astros fans wouldn’t want to move either, and we’ve already gone over those.

The short of it is that while Astros fans continue to not be opposed to the move, baseball columnists continue to write about how much sense it would make for the league as a whole. That may be true, but it’s hardly any consolation to Astros fans.

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