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Astros' Lyon Undergoing Rare Surgery On Biceps

Astros reliever Brandon Lyon hasn't been right all year, and now we know why. Following further examinations by Dr. Lewis Yocum and Astros physician Dr. David Lintner, it was determined that Lyon's biceps tendon was completely out of it's groove. Surgery to fix it comes with significant risk: no current major leaguer has had this surgery.

Yocum, the Los Angeles Angels' medical director, echoed the opinion of Astros counterpart Dr. David Lintner - namely that Lyon's biceps tendon is out of its groove and the condition likely will not improve through rest, rehabilitation or medication. That leaves season-ending surgery, but there's an attention-getting complication to Lyon: The doctors could not cite one major league pitcher who has had such a procedure.

Scary times for Lyon. We tend to live in a world, as fans, where players are either heroes or bums. Lyon was a whipping boy for much of the season, but considering what he was pitching through, I think it's safe to say that he just hadn't been right all year. Kudos for trying anyway, Mr. Lyon. It's crazy to even imagine pitching through something like that, and you proved it this year. 

There is no timetable on his recovery, though it's expected to end his season. The Astros are on the hook for about another $8 million to Lyon over next year and the rest of this one.

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