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Rangers Regard Astros Rivalry So Highly That They Attempt To Break Silly World Record At Tonight's Game

The Rangers and Astros fierce interleague rivalry continues tonight, and Texas is marking the occasion by attempting to set a world record. For the most people wearing sunglasses at night. Uh..yeah. Clearly they care deeply about this contrived series. Here's what With Leather has to say about the subject:

I'm guessing this is in response to May's similar world record setting when the Los Angeles Angles set the mark for "most moonlighting Dodgers fans in wrestling masks". By making the fans wear sunglasses for ten minutes, Texas will also be setting the records for "most Rangers fans who can't see as well as they could a minute ago" and "most people interested in something the Astros are doing".

So uh, yeah. This is news. These are your Astros. The team that is so highly regarded by their rivals that they are attempting to set a world record involving sunglasses at night. I believe this is the Rangers fan equivalent of:


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