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MLB Standings Update: Playoff Odds Edition

Well, another week has gone by and the Astros are that much closer to the top pick in the 2012 draft. After a horrible showing against the Rangers and Rays, the Astros are now very close to being on pace for 100 losses. They're only expected to win 62.6 games, according to Cool Standings. Their playoff odds are now less than 0.1 percent.

On the other hand, three teams currently sit with playoff odds higher than 75 percent. The New York Yankees have the best odds at 85 percent, followed by Philadelphia at 79.8 percent (even after Roy Oswalt's injury) and Boston at 78.7 percent.

The next-highest right now is the Detroit Tigers, who have a 59 percent chance at still making the playoffs, mostly from a 57 percent chance at winning the American League Central. The Tigers now have a one game lead over the quickly faltering Cleveland Indians, who may just need someone like Jeff Keppinger at the trading deadline.

Despite only having a 1 1/2 game lead over the second-place Seattle Mariners, the Texas Rangers have over twice the odds of making the playoffs at 51 percent. Seattle sits at 22 percent with the Angels at 19 percent and Oakland at 9 percent.

Milwaukee vaulted over St. Louis in the NL Central race and now has a 50 percent chance at making the playoffs as we hone in on the halfway point in the 2011 season. St. Louis' odds have plummeted to 22 percent after Albert Pujols' injury and Cincinnati actually holds a higher chance at 32 percent.

The defending World Series champ San Francisco Giants have a 40 percent chance and lead the NL West, but the Arizona Diamondbacks actually have a slightly better shot at the playoffs at 41 percent. Colorado has been scuffling right at .500 and still has odds around 23 percent of making the postseason. Of course, the Rockies are notorious for their late-season surges lately and could change that drastically if San Francisco lets them hang around.

The Red Sox lead the American League wild card race at 45-32 and are a game and a half ahead of the Tampa Bay Rays at 44-34. In the National League, the Atlanta Braves have a one game lead for the wild card spot and boast a 24 percent chance of nabbing that spot ahead of the Diamondbacks, who are at 4.5 percent of winning the wild card.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.