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Top Remaining MLB Draft Prospects: Would Astros Pop Josh Bell?

The Astros managed a keeper of a pick in round one, snagging Connecticut outfielder George Springer, but some would argue that an even more talented player, from Texas, is still sitting on the board waiting to be called. Dallas Jesuit's Josh Bell has sent a letter to teams informing them not to draft him because he's committed to Texas, but as with most players, things can change quickly when you wave money in front of their nose. 

Bell is clearly the best player available at this point in the draft. But due to the monetary package that Houston would have to award him (think $6+ million for starters) and the fact that it's a very deep draft, look for him to continue to slide past them. The real culprit is just the overall depth of the draft: there are so many good players available that taking a risk like Bell won't make sense for a few rounds.

Nonetheless, it would be a ballsy move for the Astros to select Bell at some point and have some of Jim Crane's loans offered to go directly into his account. It'd be no sure thing, but the Astros need to be taking risks with where their farm system is. 

The Crawfish Boxes also looks over the remaining players and has some names to keep an eye on: TCU's Matt Purke, Texas A&M's John Stilson, and Oregon State's Andrew Susac highlight the list.

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