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2011 MLB Draft Results: Astros Wrap Up Draft With Day Three Haul

Most of the premium prospects are long gone, and even the long-shot prospects are basically finished by Round 30, but there's always the hope that the next Mike Piazza or Orlando Hudson can rise to the top out of these picks on Day 3. The Astros hit the local area rather hard, selecting two Texas A&M players, a San Jacinto Community College pitcher (more on him later), a Lamar University pitcher, and a pair of local high school arms from Caney Creek and Clear Creek. Here's the complete list:

Round 31 -- Jarrod McKinney, RF, Arkansas
Round 32 -- Zachary Dando, RHP, Central Arizona College
Round 33 -- Dominique Taylor, CF, Salt Lake CC
Round 34 -- Dustin Kellogg, RHP, Caney Creek HS
Round 35 -- Chris Morales, RHP, Clear Creek HS
Round 36 -- Kevin Gonzalez, C, Texas A&M
Round 37 -- Steve Martin, RHP, Texas A&M
Round 38 -- James Propst, RHP, Oklahoma State
Round 39 --  David Haerle, RHP, College of the Canyons
Round 40 -- Buddy Lamothe, RHP, San Jacinto College
Round 41 -- Chase Davidson, 1B, Georgia
Round 42 -- Hoke Granger, CF, Alabama HS
Round 43 -- David Grimes, OF, New York HS
Round 44 -- Blake Ford, RHP, Lamar University
Round 45 -- Christopher Epps, OF, Clemson
Round 46 -- Justin Shults, 1B, UC Riverside
Round 47 -- Zack Hardoin, LHP, Missouri
Round 48 -- Andrew Murray, C, New Jersey HS
Round 49 -- David Peterson, RHP, College of Charleston
Round 50 -- Colton Davis, OF, Florida HS

Long-time Astros draftniks may better remember Davidson from when the Astros drafted him in the third round out of high school in 2008. Lamothe is a story I want to get to work on tomorrow, but the basics on him: he's paralyzed. The Astros drafted him as a favor to his family.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.