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Things Blowing Up On Pence, Bourn Front

For the past 15 minutes, things have been quiet on the Hunter Pence trade front. That doesn’t mean big stuff hasn’t already gone down this morning. Let’s quickly run through what we’ve heard:

The Astros have set a Friday deadline with the Phillies to work out a deal. Ed Wade did this with Roy Oswalt last season and got a pretty good return. Let’s see if it works out this time.

The Phillies deal seems to have included Jonathan Singleton, Jarred Cosart and someone else, but that wasn’t good enough for Houston. Now, there are rumors that if Philly put Domonic Brown into the deal, Houston would pull the trigger.

Atlanta is also in the fray, but seem loath to offer Mike Minor or another of their young starters as part of the deal. Houston reportedly likes Atlanta’s prospects more than Philly’s.

Pence was apparently told last night that he was being pulled from the lineup because of a trade. That didn’t happen, but seems to suggest more than anything that Pence is getting moved.

Six total teams have checked in on Pence, but only the Braves and Phillies are considered active in the negotations. The Friday deadline could lead to more bidding this weekend by these other teams.

As for Bourn, it seems that his market is also heating up, with the Reds seemingly interested in him. No word on what Cincy would offer, but don’t expect something big like Yonder Alonso.

Things are moving fast, but I also have a sense there’s not going to be a deal done until Sunday. Also, the markets for Clint Barmes, Wandy and Brett Myers may not get going until after Pence is moved.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.