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Houston Astros Trade Rumors: Pence To Philly Turning Into Three-Team Trade

We don’t know who the third team is yet and we don’t know if this is going down, but now Jayson Stark and Ken Rosenthal are talking like the Astros and Phillies want to make this a three team trade.

Right now, it sounds like Hunter Pence would head to Philly with some package coming back to Houston containing Domonic Brown. I’m assuming that the package would not include Jonathan Singleton and Jarred Cosart (but may include one of them).

But, the Astros wouldn’t be happy with just the No. 4 prospect in all baseball and want to spin him off to a third team. If that team is Atlanta and Houston gets Mike Minor in return, that’s a good return. If they spin him to Pittsburgh, the only good return there might be something involving Jameson Taillon (who the Pirates probably won’t move).

So, as the trade market turns, so do the Astros. It’s going to be a crazy ride for the next two days people. Buckle up.

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