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Houston Astros Trade Rumors: Michael Bourn Next Domino To Fall?

Yesterday we heard that the Cincinnati Reds were going hard for the Houston Astros Michael Bourn, and a few other teams like the Braves might still show interest today and tomorrow before the 4pm trade deadline. 

But the problem with Bourn is, although he is not the middle-of-the-order bat that Hunter Pence is, he is insanely more valuable in his own way. Look at his value over the past two-and-a-half years at fangraphs. In 2009, 2010 and so far in 2011 he has been worth $22.2m, $19.1m, $16.4m, and that last number is compromised by the bizarrely low UZR total Bourn has for this season.

Bourn has done this season what he has always promised to do, step up and become an elite player, bumping his OBP up to .367, valuable considering his speed on the basepaths and awesome defense. In the last two months he has been on fire, putting up a slash line of .345/.397/.451, with an incredibly high .420 BABIP. That is over a two month period so it cannot be a total fluke, but that number will drop. 

More to follow.

The most astonishing stat, courtesy of either Sean Feist or Timmy De Block, Bourn is hitting close to .400 this month against lefties, and is hitting .296/.352/.411 against lefties this season and he has hit even better against left-handed starters.

But who would fork out the necessary prospects for Bourn? He has a year-and-a-half left on his contract, and could be signed to an extension by a team that acquires him, perhaps for Gary Matthews Jr or Juan Pierre money, roughly 5-years $45m. 

The Braves might be a good fit, but they want a right handed outfield bat. If they can get someone like Ryan Ludwick cheap, then it could be smart to pick up Bourn as well, as Nate McLouth has joined Jordan Schafer and Brian McCann on the DL. The Indians might be sated after picking up Kosuke Fukudome, and there are rumors the Reds may move Drew Stubbs, but that sounds a bit of a long shot.

Word on the street is, and don't assume this is correct, that Wade wanted Mike Minor and Randall Delgado and the Braves were unwilling to give both up. Would they be willing  to part with Minor for Michael Bourn? Maybe Frank Wren would like to throw in Tyler Pastornicky as well? I can dream....

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