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Crasnick: Astros Efforts To Move Bourn Picking Up Steam

Jerry Crasnick just tweeted that it appears likely that the Astros will move Michael Bourn before the trade deadline.

It is hard to say what sort of return the Astros should expect for Bourn, because he has a year less than Pence on team control, even if he is a more valuable player. But let me ask you this, why should the Astros not want what the Mets were asking for two months of Jose Reyes for a year-and-a-half of Bourn?

And if you acquired Bourn, I expect you would want to lock him up long-term? If he is in a team he likes, perhaps he takes quite a bit under market value, so as not to handicap the team’s payroll. Would you take Mike Minor straight up for Bourn, or would you get a spread of lower prospects? So many questions, mainly because Bourn there are not many players comparable to Bourn. In the light-hitting leadoff hitting class he is there at the top on his own.

Earlier Ken Rosenthal said that that the Indians, Nationals and Reds were the three teams going hard for Bourn, but now he says the Braves should be added to that list.

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