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MLB Standings Update: Playoff Odds Edition

We're past the halfway point in the 2011 season, so these playoff odds updates are starting to become more and more important. Who's got the best chance at the playoffs now?

It's the New York Yankees, who are now have less than a nine percent chance of NOT making the playoffs this season. They passed the Red Sox for the lead in the American League East, having a game and a half lead over the Boston Red Sox. That's despite Boston sweeping Houston last weekend and despite Boston having a 79 percent chance at the playoffs. Poor Tampa Bay has a better record than all but five teams in the league, but haven't been able to pass Boston or New York and have just a 20 percent chance to make the playoffs.

Cleveland has temporarily jumped over Detroit for a chance at the AL Central crown, having a 44 percent chance to make the playoffs now. Detroit is just a half-game back and has a 37 percent chance at the playoffs. In the AL West, Texas holds onto the top spot, holding a 40 percent chance at the playoffs too. Los Angeles is tied with the Rangers, but has a 37 percent chance at making the postseason.

On the National League side, it's the Philadelphia Phillies who lead the way, with a 86 percent chance at the playoffs. They're followed closely by the Atlanta Braves at 62 percent, higher than any other team in the NL. The San Francisco Giants are leading the NL West with a 52 percent chance at the title.

Arizona has fallen back again, now three games behind the Giants and seen its odds fall to 32 percent of making the postseason. In the NL Central, Milwaukee and St. Louis are tied, but the Brewers are ahead in the playoff odds with a 34 percent chance. The Cardinals have a 28 percent chance while the Reds, even though they're in fourth place in the Central, have a 32 percent chance of making the playoffs.

Images by eflon used in background images under a Creative Commons license. Thank you.