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Andrew Friedman Might Be In Play For Crane and Astros

This feels like an eighth grade dance. Janie told Richie, who told you and me that Andy might want to go out with Junction Jackie. But, until I hear it from Andrew himself, I won't believe it.


See, Andrew Friedman would be an excellent get for Houston. Not only does he have good instincts in running the Tampa Bay Rays, he'd bring instant credibility back to the front office. Another important point in his favor is that Friedman didn't just achieve success based on the talent Tampa Bay had from drafting high for all those seasons before he took over. He made savvy moves, like picking up Ben Zobrist, Dioner Navarro or the Matt Garza/Delmon Young swap. He makes gusty calls, isn't afraid to challenge prospects, but also knows when to give them a chance and when to move them into the bullpen for a while (a la David Price). In short, he's everything I wish Ed Wade were.


I just can't bring myself to believe he'd ever leave Tampa Bay for Houston. The only reason he makes that move is if he doesn't think Tampa Bay can win or will ever spend money. Or if his ties to his hometown are too great, which is always a possibility. Still, I'm going to be jaded about it until I hear otherwise from Friedman himself.


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