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Astros Acquire Domingo Santana As PTBNL In Pence Deal

You have to feel a little sorry for Ed Wade when even his good moves get a negative reaction. Adding Santana as the fourth piece in the deal that sent Hunter Pence to the Phillies makes the deal look a lot better, and by comparison the Bourn trade a lot worse.

Scouting the Sally and Dave Gershman, two scouts I respect, seem very high on Santana. Gershman said: "He's light years away but the upside is there," with StS replying: "The Astros trade for upside. They don't ever seem to draft it."

Phillies Nation had this to say of him before the 2011 season: 

In a nutshell, Santana is a "toolsy" outfielder that has physical strength which already stands out and has the potential to make a big impact at higher levels. If he continues to progress as a hitter and develops on the bases, the Majors should easily be in his future.

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Santana has literally turned 19 a week ago, and will report to class-A Lexington. Drafted as a 16-year-old, think of him as Ariel Ovando two years down the line with some bumps in the road and you won't go far wrong. 

The Astros have to take flyers on high-ceiling guys like this and hope they reach somewhere near to their potential. He may not reach this and be a massive bust like Jay Austin

Meanwhile Phillies fans over at the Good Phight are not spitting feathers, but Santana is a guy a lot of them wanted to keep hold of. 

In other news, Carlos Lee has cleared waivers, Jim Crane is still not the Astros owner, and Jason Marquis is out for 6-8 weeks, leaving the door open for a Wandy trade? And we rush towards midnight deadline for 2011 draft signees. 

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