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Wandy Pulled Back From Waivers

After two days of speculation, Wandy Rodriguez will remain with the Houston Astros for the rest of the season. It was always unlikely that a deal would get done, and Ed Wade has tested the waters for a Rodriguez trade.

If reports can be believed (h/t to Astros County), then Wade wanted either Willin Rosario, the Rockies catching prospect, or Drew Pomeranz, the pitcher lately acquired from the Cleveland Indians. He also wanted the Rockies to eat all of Rodriguez’s salary.

Considering the heist Dan O’Dowd received from the Ubaldo Jimenez trade, he was not tempted in the least to give away a prized piece for all of Rodriguez’s salary. He countered by offering Jason Hammel, something equally unpalatable for the Astros.

If the saga proved anything it is that the Astros are best of keeping Wandy Rodriguez for the length of his contract, unless a team offers something that seriously sparks Wade’s interest. Much of the criticism surrounding the contract is unfounded, and it only seems burdensome because of the wasted dollars being spent on Brett Myers, Carlos Lee and Brandon Lyon.

The last point that I shall explore in depth at a later date is that even with an incompetent lineup for most of the year and a truly horrendous bullpen, the Astros are three quality starters away from being a .500 team. That may seem like a lot to some, and little to others, but it is the truth.

Coming into this series the Astros were 23-25 when either Rodriguez or Bud Norris has toed the rubber. What has really doomed the Astros to their worst season in franchise history is the combined performances of J.A. Happ, Nelson Figueroa, Brett Myers, Aneury Rodriguez and although he is only a rookie and learning his trade, Jordan Lyles.

Keeping Rodriguez while young arms like Jarred Cosart, Brett Oberholtzer, Paul Clemens and co. try to supplant the rotation dead-wood is a smart move.

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