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What Can Astros Expect From Fernando Martinez?

This move was a no-brainer.

As much as I would love to give credit for the Astros claiming Fernando Martinez off waivers, this was a total no-brainer to me and probably to most others. The former New York Met, and previously highly-touted prospect can be added to the other salvage projects the Astros have got going.

The monstrous upside is not there, but he could be a serviceable piece in the outfield and projects for at least some power, unlike some of the outfield candidates on the Astros books (Jordan Schafer, J.B. Shuck, and Jason Bourgeois I'm looking at you).

Cut Carlos Lee from this team and you could probably rename them the Houston Level Swingers. Seriously, if Lee is moved, where are the home runs going to come from? Brian Bogusevic might surprise us with some pop, and J.D. Martinez could hit 20/30 home runs, but ZIPS has him at 13, and after Lee the next highest at 15 is Brett Wallace, whose noticeable lack of any real power after May caused considerable concern.

But there is a problem. Martinez's knees are shot, which makes two Martinez's with arthritic knees. The DH might help alleviate this problem in 2013 if they are still on the roster then, but this is a problem that will probably never get better. And then there is the small matter of his very shabby minor league numbers.

Baseball America 2008 top 100 prospects:

Jed Lowrie #73

Fernando Martinez #20

Jordan Schafer #25

Other interesting things about his list, Towles was 52 (ahead of Desmond Jennings among others). Are we turning into the last chance saloon of the failed prospect

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